World Cup Daily Podcast: Russia Continues to Surprise With Win Over Egypt

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We dish our thoughts on Russia’s second impressive result so far in this World Cup. 

Despite concern that Russia may field the worst team ever by a World Cup host nation, they’ve rolled to a pair of convincing victories and look like they’ll have the chance to play a fourth game in this tournament.

We discuss the Russians’ 3-1 win over Egypt and our sadness for Egyptian star Mohamed Salah during our World Cup Day 6 recap on the Planet Futbol podcast. Additionally we sit down for a lengthy chat with U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro, who explains how the 2026 World Cup bid was won by the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Here’s a selection of episode six, which can be listened to in its entirety in the podcast console above:

BRIAN STRAUS: (Russian fans) are fired up. I don’t think most of them expected, well certainly they didn’t expect eight goals and two wins. I’m sure most of them didn’t expect a fourth game and it looks like they’re going to get it.

GRANT WAHL: Yeah, a plus-seven goal difference for Russia after two games now. A 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia is one thing, but this Egypt team is not a terrible team. They weren’t very good tonight, however.

BS: …I thought Egypt was supposed to be pretty stout and well organized and they didn’t look like it tonight.

GW: Yeah, and I’m bummed out that Mohamed Salah is not going to be with us for very long in this tournament. We’ve seen sad Mo Salah for about a month straight and I want to see the Mo Salah that was scoring goals and smiling for Liverpool all season.

BS: Sergio Ramos, man … the Grim Reaper.

GW: Seriously, I mean I think Salah will stay at Liverpool and I think that’s the right choice, but you know, he was just such an amazing player all season long. To have a player come out of nowhere to become suddenly one of the best players in the world is such a cool story that brought smiles to everyone’s face. It’s just been very difficult over the last few weeks for him. That’s the way things go at the World Cup. You find out in 180 minutes very quickly which direction things are going to go.

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