World Cup 2018 Daily Podcast: Harry Kane’s Heroics Lift England Past Tunisia

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After Day 5 of the 2018 World Cup, the Planet Futbol daily podcast from Russia discusess Hary Kane’s heroics, lifting England past Tunisia, and interviews with Zack Goldman and Nathen McVittie.

Kane’s two goals powered England to an outright, three-point victory on Monday, his second coming on a stoppage time header off a corner kick. 

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Here’s a selection of episode five from the Russian capital, which can be listened to in its entirety in the podcast console above:

GRANT WAHL: England! 

BRIAN STRAUS: … Being England. 

GW: You know, I had actually already written my five thoughts for England, headlined by “England disappoints.”

BS: [Laughs] It’s like autofill. When you type England in your browser, “disappoints” comes up immediately after it. Harry Kane, man. You know, they wasted chances today, but that was not a gimme header at the end. There was an angle, that, from behind him, where he could have just as easily crashed it off the post or hit the side netting. That took some skill and he got it done. 

GW: This is also, is this the downside of having defenders on the line? 

BS: Defenders on the line? 

GW: There were two defenders on the line for Tunisia, which meant Harry Kane was not offside, even though he was was, like, right in front of the goal—and completely open, by the way. 

BS: Yea, odds are, I’m not a defensive guy, when I coached I never figured out how to organize defending set pieces, but you want guys on the posts. 

GW: I think it’s unfortunate for Tunisia. I felt for them a little bit like I felt for Egypt at the end of the Uraguay game, where I think, you know, they weren’t the better team. And so in that sense, I thought England deserved the three points. But Tunisia dealt with a lot of stuff. They came back from one down, they came back from their starting goalkeeper going out and the replacement sort of looking deer-in-the-headlights there at times. They defended pretty well. Overall, like, I don’t know, I was kind of mad about this England performance.

BS: Yea, but it just sets us up to be disappointed by them later in the tournament, which is really what we all want 

GW: “England disappoints. 

BS: Yes, we want the heartbreak to be when the stakes are much, much higher. So I’m fine with them winning now.  

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