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What to Wear to Top Golf?

Heading to Topgolf for the first time and wondering what to wear? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just there for the social experience, choosing the right outfit can make a big difference in your comfort and performance.

I’ve spent countless hours at Topgolf, and I’ve learned that the perfect outfit strikes a balance between style and functionality. You want to look good for those Instagram-worthy moments while ensuring you can move freely and comfortably. So let’s dive into some tips on what to wear to make the most of your Topgolf experience.

Understanding the Top Golf Dress Code

Choosing the right outfit for Topgolf means understanding their dress code. Let’s break down its importance and the general guidelines to follow.

Importance of Dress Code at Top Golf

Topgolf aims to create a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere for all guests. The dress code ensures that everyone feels appropriately dressed for both the activity and the social aspect. Following the dress code not only enhances your own experience but also respects the venue’s community standards. Adhering to these guidelines demonstrates consideration for both personal comfort and venue decorum.

General Dress Code Guidelines

Opt for casual, sporty attire when visiting Topgolf. Appropriate options include polo shirts, golf shorts, and athletic wear, like moisture-wicking fabrics. Avoid wearing anything too restrictive or overly formal. Footwear should be comfortable and secure; golf shoes, sneakers, or other closed-toed shoes are ideal. Accessories like hats or visors are suitable but keep them practical for the activity. Always check for any venue-specific policies if visiting a particular Topgolf location.

Optimal Clothing Choices for Top Golf

Choosing the right attire for a visit to Topgolf enhances both comfort and performance. Dress smartly to enjoy the game while feeling at ease.

Comfort Meets Style: What to Consider

Focus on breathable fabrics and stretchy materials that allow for ease of movement. Avoid restrictive clothing to maintain a full range of motion. Select moisture-wicking materials to stay cool and dry.

Recommendations for Men

  1. Tops: Wear polo shirts, performance tees, or Henley shirts.
  2. Bottoms: Opt for golf shorts, chinos, or athletic pants.
  3. Footwear: Choose golf shoes, sneakers, or comfortable loafers.
  4. Accessories: Consider wearing a cap or sunglasses.
  1. Tops: Choose from golf polos, athletic tops, or fitted tees.
  2. Bottoms: Wear skorts, golf shorts, or leggings.
  3. Footwear: Opt for golf shoes, athletic sneakers, or ballet flats.
  4. Accessories: Consider visors, light scarves, or sport sunglasses.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Choosing the right footwear ensures a comfortable and enjoyable Topgolf experience. Proper shoes enhance your performance and keep you safe and stylish.

Best Types of Shoes for Top Golf

Comfortable athletic shoes provide great support for standing and swinging. Examples include running shoes, tennis shoes, and cross-trainers. Golf shoes, specifically designed for the sport, offer optimal grip and stability. Slip-on loafers with a casual design can be both fashionable and functional, ideal for a relaxed round.

Type of Shoe Description
Running Shoes High comfort, cushioning for extended standing
Tennis Shoes Good traction and support for dynamic movements
Cross-Trainers Versatile, adequate for both standing and swinging
Golf Shoes Specialized grip, stability on turf surfaces
Slip-on Loafers Casual style, comfortable for most activities

Shoes to Avoid

Heels, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes are not suited for Topgolf. Heels lack stability, flip-flops provide minimal support, and open-toed options expose feet to potential hazards. Work boots or formal shoes with hard soles can be uncomfortable and impair your mobility. Ensure shoes provide comfort and stability for safe play.

Considerations for Different Weather Conditions

Weather can greatly influence what to wear at Topgolf, so it’s vital to dress accordingly to stay comfortable and enhance your experience.

Dressing For Warm Weather

In warm conditions, choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics is essential to stay cool and comfortable. Opt for moisture-wicking materials that help manage sweat. Men might prefer wearing polo shirts and golf shorts made from synthetic blends. Women can choose sleeveless golf polos and skorts.

Sunglasses are crucial to protect your eyes from the glare, and a cap helps shield your head and face from direct sunlight. Applying sunscreen on exposed skin is also a prudent measure to prevent sunburn.

Preparing For Cooler Evenings

Cooler evening temperatures call for layering to maintain warmth while allowing flexibility to adjust as needed. Long-sleeve golf shirts or lightweight jackets work well for both men and women.

Men might consider wearing golf pants instead of shorts, while women can opt for leggings or pants paired with layered tops.

It’s also a good idea to have a light scarf or an extra layer like a fleece vest for added warmth. If necessary, pack a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm without hindering performance.

Accessories to Enhance Your Golf Experience

Selecting the right accessories can elevate your game and make your visit to Topgolf even more enjoyable. Below, I’ve outlined some essential items to consider.

Protective Gear

Ensuring protection on the golf course prevents injury and discomfort. Here are some key items:

  1. Sunglasses: Polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance visibility, essential during sunny days.
  2. Gloves: Golf gloves provide grip and prevent blisters, especially during extended play sessions.
  3. Sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher protects exposed skin from harmful UV rays, necessary for outdoor play.
  4. Hats: Baseball caps or visors shield your eyes and face from direct sunlight, maintaining focus and comfort.

Style Accessories

Beyond functionality, style accessories complement your outfit and add a personal touch. Consider these stylish additions:

  1. Wristbands: Sweat-absorbing wristbands keep hands dry, ideal in warm weather.
  2. Belts: A stylish belt not only holds your attire in place but also adds sophistication.
  3. Watches: Golf-specific watches can track your game while adding flair to your outfit.
  4. Facemasks: For health and hygiene, a breathable facemask ensures safety without sacrificing style.

Each accessory merges practicality with style, enhancing your Topgolf experience.


Choosing the right attire for Topgolf can make a significant difference in your overall experience. By focusing on a blend of style and functionality, you’ll not only look good but feel comfortable and perform your best. Remember to opt for casual and sporty clothing paired with comfortable footwear like athletic or golf shoes. Don’t forget practical accessories such as sunglasses, gloves, and sunscreen for added comfort and safety. Adding stylish touches like wristbands or belts can elevate your look while keeping it functional. With these tips in mind, you’re all set for an enjoyable and stylish visit to Topgolf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to Topgolf for the first time?

Wear casual and sporty clothing that combines style and functionality. Focus on comfort with items like athletic wear, comfortable footwear, and practical accessories.

Is there a specific dress code for Topgolf?

Yes, Topgolf encourages a comfortable and stylish environment. Athletic or golf shoes are recommended, and casual sporty attire is ideal.

Can I wear regular sneakers to Topgolf?

Yes, regular sneakers are fine, but athletic or golf shoes are preferred for better performance and safety.

Are accessories important for a Topgolf visit?

Yes, accessories like sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, and hats can enhance your comfort and safety. Style accessories such as wristbands, belts, watches, and facemasks add flair and practicality.

Should I wear hats and gloves at Topgolf?

Yes, wearing hats and gloves can help with sun protection and improve your grip, contributing to a more comfortable experience.

What type of footwear is best for Topgolf?

Athletic or golf shoes are the best choices for optimal performance and safety.

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