Weekend Hot Clicks: A History of the Greatest Ever Horse Names at the Kentucky Derby

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Derby Day

We’ve got all your betting needs covered for the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby and if you’re not drinking mint juleps this weekend, you’re doing it wrong. The best Derby horse names of all time, and here’s a lip-reading video exposing the truth behind the Kentucky Derby

Lot to unpack here

First, Blockbuster stores still exist? Second, people want to see Russell Crowe’s jockstrap. And third, that jockstrap could help Blockbuster. Here’s the story.

The jig is up!

Scott Frost was asked if UCF’s national title proclamations went too far.

Amateur hour

Oregon State is so bad at football they’re trying to poach players from Hawai’i Not really…but kind of.

Special place in hell for puppy snatchers

An Amazon delivery driver stole a puppy while delivering puppy food.

Stop the licking

Look. At. That. Hair

Only 1 way to go from here

Samantha Hoopes

Odds and Ends

An airport cleaner found $325,000 in gold bars in the trash and he may get to keep them … Big Ben is fussy about the Steelers’ selection of Mason Rudolph …Do we appreciate how good Albert Pujols was? … This is the worst school superintendent ever … Becky Hammon continues to make history … Christian McCaffrey is jacked outside of his mind … 22 HBO documentaries everyone should binge watch.


What a champion

Still Dreaming

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