Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: The Warriors Spent Almost $1 Million on Booze for Their Championship Celebrations

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Championships come with a big tab

The Warriors spared no expense in celebrating their third NBA Finals win in four years. Between the locker room celebration in Cleveland and yesterday’s parade in Oakland, the team spent close to $1 million on alcohol alone.

The Dubs had 600 bottles of high-end champagne in the locker room on Friday night, one of which cost $1,500 per bottle. Add in the cost of beer and the whole night cost over $400,000. (By comparison, last year’s locker room celebration used just $200,000 worth of champagne.)

The cost of Tuesday’s parade was even higher, though. All the champagne the players were spraying from the buses cost about $500,000, bringing the total cost of the two parties up near $1 million. 

Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals, meanwhile, stuck mostly to cheap beer

World Cup preview

One of the best periods on the sports calendar begins tomorrow morning when Russia kicks off the World Cup against Saudi Arabia at 11 a.m. ET. Grant Wahl and Brian Straus will be covering every angle of the tournament in a daily podcast. The U.S. failed to qualify, so we’ve put together a few helpful guides to get to know the players you should be rooting for

We also have previews for every group in the tournament: Group A | Group B | Group C | Group D | Group E | Group F | Group G | Group H

The tournament is already off to a wild start after Spain fired its manager just two days before the country’s first game

World Cup preview (again)

If you can’t get excited for a World Cup the U.S. isn’t participating in and that’s being held halfway around the world, just wait eight years. The joint Mexico-America-Canada bid was just awarded the hosting privleges of the 2026 World Cup. The U.S. will qualify automatically as a host country, so we’ll at least avoid that embarrassment again. The majority of the games will be held in the States but Canada and Mexico each have three stadiums set to host games.

It’s eight years away but it’s hard not to get excited for 2026. Not only will the games be played right here (in convenient time zones!), some of America’s great young stars will be in the prime of their careers. 

Bits & Pieces

This is a really interesting story about the pronunciation of Hispanic baseball players’ names. … For all you hockey fans, here’s a massive, massive visual history of every team’s logo. … This guy got his foot amputated, asked the doctor if he could keep it and then served his friends tacos made of the flesh. … An antique Chinese vase found in a shoebox sold for $19 million. … A Pittsburgh brewery found a hilarious way to get around a copyright complaint from Pitt. … This new whiskey is flavored with extract from the glands of a beaver. … The diner from Goodfellas was destroyed in a fire. … A tough break for Miguel Cabrera, who will have season-ending arm surgery

Pretty cool

Skyscrapers made by a merchant vessel at sea. from r/pics

Just save it for next year at that point

The most extreme shift I’ve ever seen

I’d watch this Indiana Jones movie

I’ve watched this like 10 times

I’ve watched this 20 times

The No. 1 way to make sports better: add more mics

iPhone survives two weeks on the bottom of a river

Eight-year-old girl nails the drums on a Led Zeppelin classic

It probably helps that she’s not out of her mind on cat tranquilizers.

Just a good harmless prank

A good song

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