Watch: This Video Perfectly Sums Up the Emotions and Reactions of NBA Fans During Free Agency

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Cameron Magruder perfectly explained what was going on in the heads of NBA fans everywhere during the first two days of free agency.

The NBA offseason is its own event separate from the actual games at this point.

Ever since LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach in 2010, summers in the NBA have become their own special segment of the season featuring their own drama, winners, losers and huge questions that will only be answered at a later date.

The summer of 2018 was no different. Even though free agency is still far from finished, YouTuber Cameron Magruder decided that with all of the jaw dropping moves that happened in the first two days, he should provide a breakdown of the rollercoaster of emotions each fan base went through at the start of July.

From Kawhi Leonard trade rumors to LeBron James going to the Lakers to Mario Hezonja joining the Knicks and everything in between, Magruder perfectly encapsulated the minds of fans of essentially every NBA team, particularly when it came to their reactions to the biggest reported move of July 2.

The Rockets fan who was stuck in the dark and the 76ers fan who put all of his faith in The Process are spot on.

Now, just imagine how wild free agency will be with Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler being just a few of the players expected to be on the open market in 2019.

Hopefully Magruder can speak to our souls the same way this time next year.

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