Twitter Reacts & Man Utd Fans Roll Eyes as Mourinho Lambasts Players, Refs & Babies After Defeat

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You would think that being on holiday in America with one of the world’s most prestigious football clubs would be a pretty fun gig, but Jose Mourinho’s misery continues to defy all expectations.

Mourinho went full Mourinho after Manchester United lost 4-1 to Liverpool in Michigan on Saturday, calling out everybody including the referee, the club’s owners, his own players and, perhaps most bizarrely, the supporters for showing up to the match.

I wish someone would tell him that a smile doesn’t cost anything, but then he’d probably just complain about a lack of financial investment.

Let’s start with Mourinho’s comments about his own squad. Five of the players who started in Ann Arbor on Saturday didn’t see a minute of Premier League action last season, so they can’t be blamed too much for caving in against a strong Liverpool side.

Oh no wait, they can, apparently. Rather than defend his players, Mourinho chose to throw them under the bus that they failed to park, claiming that the players with him in the USA represent “not even 30%” of his full strength team, and that the game “gave me nothing” as a result.

Mourinho obviously subscribes to the hard love school of man management. Either that, or he has a complete lack of interpersonal skills. 

Regardless, the Twitterverse was not best impressed with his reaction.

Mourinho even claimed that Alexis Sanchez was frustrated because of the calibre of the players alongside him. The Chilean, one of the few first team regulars on the US tour, was visibly frustrated at the lack of service to him on Saturday.

“Do you want Sanchez to be very happy with the players he has around him? We are here just to survive and to have some not very ugly results,” he said.

These comments did not look good for Mourinho, particularly when compared with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s different take on working with young players.

Mourinho even questioned United’s American following for showing up to the game, effectively saying that he doesn’t think his young players are worth the price of admission.

“The atmosphere in the stadium was good but if I was them I wouldn’t come. I wouldn’t spend my money to see these teams,” he said.

And then there was his comments about the referee, who awarded Liverpool two penalties during the game. At this point, Mourinho went off the rails and basically just started shouting American buzzwords.

“They were called by the baseball federation and thought it was baseball but found out it was soccer,” he claimed. It is assumed that this was a criticism rather than Mourinho spreading the word about an actual administrative error.

Even babies weren’t safe from Mourinho’s wrath. Anthony Martial had the temerity to be by his wife’s side as she gave birth to their son this week, but Mourinho felt that the Frenchman’s priorities were askew.

With Liverpool full back Nathaniel Clyne having also become a father recently, it didn’t take long for people to compare Mourinho’s cold-heartedness with the more cuddly reaction of Jurgen Klopp.

And if you wanted another manager’s quotes to confirm that, yeah, babies are kind of a big deal and maybe more important than football, here’s Guardiola from earlier in the year.

Jose has taken on and beaten some challenging opponents in his time, but going up against the institution of fatherhood might be one battle that he can’t win.

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