Traina Thoughts: Kardashian Curse Coming To Philly? Ben Simmons Dating Kendall Jenner

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Sixers forward Ben Simmons is reportedly dating Kendall Jenner.

1. The story of the day is Bryan Colangelo and his Twitter burner accounts. While that madness was unfolding last night, many of you might have missed this piece of news via Page Six: Sixers forward Ben Simmons is now dating Kendall Jenner after she moved on from Blake Griffin.

This should send much more anxiety through the bodies of every Sixers fan out there because the Kardashian Curse is real. Colangelo will eventually get fired (and hopefully get help for having a serious problem with Twitter) and the team will have a new GM and move forward. But if this Simmons-Jenner thing goes on past the offseason, the Sixers are in trouble. If Simmons keeps this to a casual, offseason thing, good for him.

2. A few Bryan Colangelo items in case you missed them. 

• His Wikipedia page immidately got updated after The Ringer story broke last night.

• Tweets. There were so many tweets.

3. The Warriors are now up to -1100 to beat the Cavs in the NBA Finals. The line for Game 1 has gone up to Golden State -12.5. Here’s how the prices break down if you want to bet on how the series will go.

Warriors win series 4-0 +177
Warriors win series 4-1 +155
Warriors win series 4-2 +550
Warriors win series 4-2 +735

4. It’s good to be able to throw 100 miles per hour. The Yankees pulled off an impressive comeback against the Astros last night thanks in part of the luckiest ricochets you’ll ever see..

5. Congrats to Browns safety Damarious Randall for getting close to 800,000 retweets for this.

And Randall isn’t backing down.

6. I have a confession to make. I’m an idiot. I stared at this J.J. Watt Instgram picture for 10 minutes last night trying to figure out of that’s a hat or something on the wall.

7. RANDOM “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM” VIDEO OF THE DAY: Wanda Sykes was in the news yesterday thanks to the Roseanna Barr controversy. Since she was always great on “Curb,” I thought it would be appropropriate today to post one of her best scenes with Larry.

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IN CLOSING: I’m not sure there’s been a better marriage (for entertainment purposes) than the NBA and Twitter.

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