Traina Thoughts: IHOP Becomes IHOB Because Of Burgers And The Internet Is Unleashing Nothing But Fury On The Company

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IHOB is here to serve burgers but Twitter is having absolutely none of it.

1. The biggest news on Monday morning was legendary pancake establishment, IHOP — the International House of Panackes — announcing they were now IHOB. Apparently, the restaurant chain is pushing flapjacks aside so they can get in on the burger market.

Twitter, which sometimes has opinions on things like this, quickly went into action and let IHOB know that no one is here for this change. No. One.

Traina Thoughts would like to send thoughts and prayers to IHOB’s social media team, marketing team and PR team.

2. FOX NFL analyst Daryl “Moose” Johnston had one of the dumbest tweets you’ll see about the controversy surrounding the Eagles and the White House cancellingi their visit last week.

The fact that this has to be explained is astonishing, but I’ll be a good samartiain and do the honors. 1) Bill Clinton did not call NFL players “son of a bitches.” 2) Bill Clinton did not hold press conferences in which he demanded the NFL infringe on players’ first amendmant rights. 3) Bill Clinton did not tell NFL players they should leave the country if they want to protest social injustice. 4) Bill Clinton did not say white supremacists are “fine people.”

3. ESPN MLB analyst Alex Rodriguez tried to convince the viewing audience during Yankees-Mets last night that he used to ride the subway when he played in the New York. The people watching the game on TV were not buying this for a second.

4. I thought Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night were a complete waste of time — until I saw this clip today. Volume way up.

5. Things got VERY ugly this weekend between Terrell Owens and FS1 hot taker Jason Whitlock over Owens’ decision to not attend his upcoming Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

6. The latest edition of the SI Media Podcast is a roundtable discussion with Austin Karp of “Sports Business Journal” and Michael McCarthy of the “Sporting News.” 

Topics include what ABC/ESPN wants for the NBA Finals next season, how the latest round of national anthem controversy will impact the NFL and its broadcast partners, whether ESPN made a mistake in expanding Keith Olbermann’s role, the future of “Get Up,” what is going on with FS1’s daytime shows, future sports gambling shows, the debut of “High Noon” and much more.

7. RANDOM “LOCAL NEWS GOES WRONG” VIDEO OF THE DAY: Personally, I think this is the great fight in the history of TV news just because of the downright condescending snippiness.

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IN CLOSING: Now that betting is legal, there should be an over/under offered for Alex Ovechkin blood-alcohol content.

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