Traina Thoughts: Ichiro: ‘Who The F— Is Tom Brady?’

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A text message from Tom Brady left Ichiro completely bewildered.

1. The Athletic has a new feature up on Ichiro’s career and one particular story stands out in a major way. The Mariners star, as recently as last year, was unfamiliar with a certain Patriots quarterback. From the story:

“One morning in spring training, 2017, he was in the coaches’ room looking at his cell phone text messages. Ichiro told the coaches about one message he had just received from a number he didn’t recognize. The guy said he’d gotten Ichiro’s number from Alex Rodriguez, and that he wanted to come meet him and study his stretching system.

‘What’s the guy’s name?’ asked one of the coaches.

Ichiro strolled to the end of the text. ‘Some guy named Tom Brady. Who the f— is Tom Brady?”’

I hope Ichiro was trying to mess with his coach. If he was, it’s a pretty solid prank. If, in fact, Ichiro was not pulling a prank and legitimately did not know who Tom Brady was, there’s something seriously wrong here.

2. Draymond Green pulled the old, “I’m going to crash the other team’s huddle” trick last night, which is always amusing.

Meanwhile, this ridiculous Steph Curry 3-pointer by Steph  Curry combined with Marv Albert’s call gave us a great highlight.

3. Here are where NBA odds stand at the moment for a variety of wagers:

• The Warriors are -185 to beat the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. However, the Rockets are -2 in Game 1 of the series.

• The Cavs will be -220 against the Celtics, if they finish off the Sixers, in the Eastern Conference Finals.

• The are the odds to win it all
Warriors -120
Rockets +225
Cavaliers +625
Celtics +1925

4. If you haven’t seen the nasty Shaq-Barkley arguement that broke out last night, you should definitely check it out.

5. Chandler Parsons’ offseason seems like it’s going well.

6. Today is the ninth anniversary’s of Gary Dell’Abate’s horrendous first pitch — one of the worst in MLB history. A few years ago, “The Howard Stern Show”  put together an outstanding mock “30-for-30” on Baba Booey’s embarrassing moment. It’s as good as any “30-for-30” ESPN has ever done.

7. RANDOM “SEINFELD” VIDEO OF THE DAY: George’s crush on Marisa Tomei doesn’t get enough attention as one of the great moments in show history. 

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IN CLOSING: Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Matt Harvey, he ends up on the Reds. Ouch.

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