Traina Thoughts: An Important Memo For Sports Networks

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1. Dear Networks That Broadcast Sports,

I know you lack original thought most of the time and usually have no clue what fans want, so I’m here to help. I know this may shock you, but I want to share an important piece of information with you. Sit down, because this may truly rattle you, but you need to hear this. OK, are you ready? Here it is: You actually DON’T have to show or talk about Drake and Kevin Hart during a game.

No, seriously. You don’t. Ignoring Drake and Kevin Hart is not a crime. The world would actually survive and be just fine if you just passed on giving them the unnecessary attention they so crave. You’re just making their embarrassing antics worse by feeding into their nonsense. And here’s some bonus advice: You also don’t have to include Rob Riggle in every sports-related thing you do. And you can actually say no to booking Hank Azaria for your shows so he can do that character that he does on every single sports show in the universe.

Jimmy Traina

2. In 41 minutes Thursday night, the King put up 43 points, 14 assists and eight rebounds and gave himself a manicure. 

Nothing was better, though, that LeBron hitting this ridiculous shot, which caused Jonas Valanciunas to lose it on the Raptors bench.

3. I can’t stp watching this save by Predators goalie, Pekka Rinne.

4. John Cena taking “Star Wars Day” a little too far.

5. If you’re going to dive into the new “Karate Kid” series on YouTube this weekend, make sure you read SI’s oral history on the iconic film and this Q&A’s Chris Chavez did with Ralph Macchio first. And also enjoy one of the greatest songs from a movie ever.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with SiriusXM radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. The Doggie talks about his partner of 19 years Mike Francesa returning to WFAN, where his relationship stands with Mike, why he thinks Boomer Esiason is a hypocrite, the challenge of doing radio at SiriusXM, the worst trend in radio, the Internet’s impact on sports radio and much more. You can listen below or download the podcast on iTunes.

7. RANDOM “SOPRANOS” VIDEO OF THE DAY: Saved the best “Sopranos” video of the week for last.


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IN CLOSING: Celtics +9 against the Sixers on Saturday looks very nice.

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