Top 10 Quarterbacks in Football for 2018

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Quarterbacks! We covered a wide range of topics going into a year where offenses are getting bolder and more creative, and quarterback play is as good as it’s been in a while:

3:34—The trickle-up effect, and how NFL offenses are evolving

10:48—Nick Foles’ heroics, and why the era of ultra-conservative quarterbacking might be coming to an end

15:03—Pocket passing, and the art of exploiting space vs. the art of misdirection

17:53—Small sample size stars: What to expect from Jimmy Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson

27:24—Let’s talk about Russell Wilson without shouting and profanity

37:02—The top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL entering the 2018 season

1:04:34—The Lightning-ish Round: Over the next five years, would you rather have Aaron Rodgers or Carson Wentz? Who is more likely to be a top-15 QB by the end of 2018, Trubisky or Mahomes? True or false: A Cousins-led Vikings team would be better than a Foles-led Eagles team; biggest breakout QB for 2018.

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