Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Donovan Mitchell’s Explanation of His Dunk Makes It Even More Impressive

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Donovan Mitchell is so much fun

If you had told Rockets fans before last night’s game that Donovan Mitchell would have only 17 points on 6–21 shooting, they would have felt pretty good about their chances. 

But the Jazz were able to win Game 2 and tie the series at one game apiece thanks in large part to Mitchell’s versatility. In the absence of Ricky Rubio, Mitchell had a career-high 11 assists. The clip above also shows how he has the athleticism and improvisational ability to turn a bad play into a highlight. As Mitchell explained after the game, he didn’t decide to dunk it until he was already in the air. 

I can relate. I decided at the last minute to lead Clicks with this video. 

Mitchell and the Jazz have a chance to really push the Rockets in this series. At the very least, we’ll get three more games of Donovan Mitchell being fun as hell.

Yo needs a better jeweler

One great thing about baseball is that no one bats an eye when players wear flashy jewelry on the field. The downside, though, is that you could end up like Yoenis Cespedes. 

Cespedes somehow broke his chain after hitting a double in last night’s game, littering the dirt around second base with diamonds. That left teammate Asdrubal Cabrera playing the role of salvage man. 

“I saw that on TV,” Cabrera said after the game. “When I was there, I [saw] those things on the ground and I just picked it up.”

I think I know who you’re talking about

A Canadian senator gave an official speech this week in which he bashed American announcers for ruining the game of hockey. 

We didn’t deny a shot; we actually saved it. We didn’t delay at the blue line; we stopped at the blue line. Nor did we take a wrister. What an insulting word. We took a wrist shot. Nor did we take a slapper. What an insulting word. We took a slapshot — and not the movie …

There’s no way he’s not talking about Doc Emerick, right? 

Bits & Pieces

Researchers in Australia were able to isolate the yeast from beer bottles found on a 220-year-old shipwreck to brew what’s being called the world’s oldest beer. … Scientists have discovered why Alaska’s wood frogs can survive being literally frozen solid all winter—they hold in their pee. … What a badass performance by this Oklahoma softball pitcher. … This gallery of closet-sized Hong Kong apartments is making me feel better about my own search for a new place. … People in Toronto are scratching their heads over how a car ended up suspended from a bridge. … I love how Kobe still holds a grudge against Smush Parker.

Meanwhile in Colorado

Wow, they’re not wrong

This is Barbra Streisand’s disguise for robbing a bank

Looks like a great venue, Gene

I could do that

(No I couldn’t.)

Gourmet Kit Kats

524 FEET

Well, Statcast tracked it at 524 feet. It might not be quite that far but he still gave it a ride.

It’s your lucky day

A good song

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