The Top 10 Safeties in Football

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It’s the most interesting position on the defensive side of the ball, and in today’s NFL safeties are more important than ever. So why are there still so many good ones still unsigned? This week’s show is for the football connoisseur:

1:14— We know Eric Reid’s activism is playing a role in his unemployment, but the safety market has been surprisingly soft overall the past two years. What’s with that?

14:16— Is three safeties going to become the new base defense?

27:51— Who are the best defenses in terms of using safeties to disguise coverages?

34:08— Unveiling our ranking of the top 10 safeties in football for 2018

56:38— Andy sees the error of his ways when it comes to the Golden State Warriors.

1:04:57— The Lightning-ish Round: Hall of Fame or No for Thomas, Chancellor, Berry and Weddle; Should Seattle trade Earl Thomas, the most underappreciated safety in football, the young safety you’d most like to build around.

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