The Real Reason Why Kevin Durant Wore Sweatpants, Not Suits, to the Finals

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Durant didn’t want to worry about his walk-in outfits.

Sometimes NBA players like to turn hallways into runways as they sport elaborate suits and ensembles while entering arenas. But Kevin Durant prefers his sweatpants over suits, he revealed in Lee Jenkins’ profile for Sports Illustrated.

“I sometimes stress about what I’m going to wear for the walk-in,” Durant said. “I can’t worry about it.”

But Durant’s laid back wardrobe is something his stylist, Nchimunya Wulf, worries about. Wulf has tried to get Durant to dress up more, but he prefers to keep it casual. 

This year, the Cavaliers’ wardrobe became a hot topic as they sported matching suits throughout the playoffs. LeBron James perhaps drew the most attention when he and a few teammates showed up to Game 1 of the NBA Finals in shorts suits

But making big statements like other superstars is not something Durant worries about.

“I feel as if a lot of basketball players, celebrities, put on this front that they’re bigger and strong and different – that they’re superheroes,” Durant said. “I’m not a celebrity hooper. I don’t care about money and fame…I like to play basketball.”

But Durant is a superstar in his own right. Maybe he doesn’t like fancy suits, but he’s a nine-time All-Star and was selected as the NBA Finals MVP for the second consecutive year.

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