Sane Humans Hit Back on Twitter as Ridiculous Gammons Call Out Raheem Sterling for Having a Tattoo

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Another day, another press hate campaign against Raheem Sterling. What number are we on now? 15? 16? 

In case you didn’t know, the British tabloids, for some reason, absolutely hate the Manchester City winger. Be it shopping in Primark or having breakfast, there’s always something for them to complain about.

The latest meltdown is a result of a tattoo. Yes, essentially what is a drawing on his leg has sparked the next hate campaign against the England superstar right before he flies to Russia to represent the very country whose media paints him out to be some deadbeat drug addict.

This time, though, Twitter has taken a stand. The British public have stood by for too long and have now finally had enough of his ill treatment.

Sterling’s latest tattoo, which depicts an M16 assault rifle point down towards his foot on his right leg, is to symbolise how his father was gunned down when Raheem was only two. The unfinished ink is there to remind him of that, showing him that the only shooting the attacker will ever do is with his right foot – having vowed to never touch a gun.

However, The Sun (and Piers Morgan of course) obviously don’t like that. Instead, this tattoo is undoubtedly glorifying guns, and as such the 23-year-old must be demonised. 

Here’s how Twitter leapt to Sterling’s defence.

We’ll start with this delightful thread, that is definitely worth a read. All the ridiculousness published about Sterling over the last few years is absolutely nuts.

Seriously there’s so much stuff out there defending the poor man. This may actually be the most unified England has been with its national team before a World Cup in a frustratingly long time. It’s a shame it’s had to have come as a result of this.

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