Revealed: The Reason Why Danny Rose Cut Holes in His Socks Against Belgium on Saturday

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There was something odd catching the eye of football fans across England when they tuned in to watch the Three Lions’ third-place play off against Belgium on Saturday.

With Danny Rose coming in to replace Ashley Young as one of five changes made by Gareth Southgate, he seemed to be wearing his kit just as everybody else was.

However, when a touchline camera zoomed in to him as he controlled the ball, it became apparent that Rose had cut huge holes out of his socks, as if a five-year-old had been let loose with a pair of scissors.

It led to football fans on Twitter asking why Rose had made this bizarre fashion statement, but it soon became apparent that there was a logical reason for the holes.

Many footballers, including England teammate Kyle Walker, have also been cutting holes in their socks over the past year or so.

It’s actually to relieve tension that can build up in the calf muscles as a result of tight socks. 

Essentially, it prevents cramp, which can be a huge problem in the latter stages of the World Cup, with many games going to extra time and players getting tired at the end of a long tournament.

However, the Tottenham defender’s craftsmanship was unable to prevent England from losing to Belgium 2-0 as the Red Devils claimed third at the World Cup.

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