Protests Break Out In Chicago Following Deadly Police Shooting

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Protests in Chicago escalated on Saturday night, becoming a tense clash between demonstrators and police over the fatal shooting of a man on the city’s South Side.

The Chicago Tribune described a chaotic scene:

The shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. at 2098 E. 71st St., and it took police about five hours to bring things under control. Some people screamed “murderers” as officers lined up against them. Some in the crowd held cameras up to take video, while others behind them threw rocks and glass bottles, some filled with urine.

As officers tried to contain the crowd, some of them dragged people to the ground or struck them with batons. Other officers held batons over their heads to ward off people yelling at them.

A reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times, Nader Issa, tweeted that he was “repeatedly pushed” by police officers, and that officers also smacked his phone out of his hands.

The shooting that sparked the protest was described by the Chicago Police Department in a preliminary statement. The department said officers on foot patrol Saturday evening “approached a male subject exhibiting characteristics of an armed person.” Some people on Twitter latched onto that language:

The statement went on to say that “an armed confrontation ensued resulting in an officer discharging his weapon and fatally striking the offender.” The man was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. The department says a weapon was recovered at the scene, but that no other injuries were reported.

The chief communications officer for the Chicago Police, Anthony Guglielmi, said on his official Twitter account that several officers were injured from rocks and thrown bottles, and four demonstrators were arrested. There were no further details given about the charges.

The department said the shooting remains under investigation and that any officers involved will be placed on “routine administrative duties for a period 30 days.” The statement also said there will be a use of force investigation.

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