Prophet SOLLOG Predicted Hurricane Michael

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Prophet SOLLOG

Predicted Hurricane Michael


31 Disasters Prophecy Video by SOLLOG


Way back in 2002 one of the most famous Prophecies of the Prophet SOLLOG was released.

It was titled 31 Disasters. Here is a time-stamped copy of it in Usenet.

In it SOLLOG named 17 Cities to be struck by historic hurricanes.

In 15 years the 17 Cities named all had historic hits by the worse wave of strong hurricanes.

Today many just shrug their shoulders and say no big deal, it’s GLOBAL WARMING, well in 2002 no one but SOLLOG was predicting so many historic hurricanes to strike so fast.

In the 31 Disasters Prophecy SOLLOG named 17 Hurricanes, one name was then taken off the official names to be used by Hurricanes that being Michele since in 2001 Michele caused great damage.

So 16 names were possible and many have indeed become historic hurricanes. One of the names given by SOLLOG was Michael which just made landfall in the Panhandle of Florida. The same area SOLLOG mentioned as being where he predicted Hurricane Opal would strike in 1995 in a US Federal Court Room when the US Government was harassing him over his Prophecies which the US Secret Service claimed was a death threat on then President Clinton.

The wise Judge in the case through out the false charges against SOLLOG saying that in his religion (the Judge was Jewish) the Prophecies of SOLLOG were protected religious freedom of speech.

Before the Judge gave that ruling SOLLOG addressed the court and gave exact details of future events that then came to pass, which probably made the Federal Judge realize SOLLOG is a modern day PROPHET.

Since then the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG have amazed millions of fans all over the world. The reason is simple, he has accurately been predicting every major loss of life event around the world for over 20 years.

Again, this is a link to a TIME STAMPED post in old Usenet in 2002 when SOLLOG first released the infamous 31 Disasters Prophecy.

The prophecy explains to use a map and draw lines that connect the 17 cities he named and no one can deny it, the cities he named in 2002 have all been struck by the most historic rash of hurricanes in human history to hit the United States.

SOLLOG explained it was to humble the USA for developing nuclear technology and using it on innocent women and children in World War 2. SOLLOG also condemned the USA for how the US Government stole the land from native Americans and how they enslaved blacks over hundreds of years.

Recently SOLLOG released a video about his 31 Disasters Prophecy and in it he warns that the 13 Earthquakes he had warned of would now start to hit the United States and destroy the USA as a Nation.

SOLLOG is also warning that 99.9% of humanity is set to be killed by a historic ASTEROID STRIKE he says will occur on January 20th 2023.

SOLLOG stopped writing his famous Prophecies at the end of 2015 and he started to release them on the Internet in early 1995.

In 2016 SOLLOG did numerous music videos featuring his Prophecies as the recording artist REX LUCIFERIUS which had maps explaining where mass death events would occur. Since then more hurricanes have struck where the SOLLOG Prophecies warned and where the music videos of Rex Luciferius showed in maps in his music videos.

The main thing that appears in the work of SOLLOG is how pretty much every major loss of event is indeed happening on what he calls the 7 PENTAGRAMS OF BLOOD.

Historic earthquakes continue to hit in the so-called Ring of Fire but as SOLLOG explained the Ring of Fire is really a TRIANGLE OF FIRE and his music video titled TRIANGLE OF FIRE was in the news recently for having a big red dot on the map in his 2016 music video released by his artist name Rex Luciferius, one of the Red Dots in the music video was over the area struck less than 2 weeks ago in Indonesia which created a Tsunami that killed thousands.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions were sung about in TRIANGLE OF FIRE by SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius and shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit in Indonesia the same area had a volcanic eruption.

SOLLOG warns to expect historic earthquakes soon in the United States and that on January 20th 2023 a historic ASTEROID STRIKE will kill 99.9% of humanity.

See ASTEROID .mobi

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