New York City Terrorism Predicted in YouTube Video

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New York City Terrorism Predicted in YouTube Video

PROPHET SOLLOG Terrorism Prophecy Video

Has exact hit in NYC Halloween Terrorism

Every detail of the Halloween Terrorism in New York City has been in a YouTube video for two years.

The Prophecy video titled TERRORISM PROPHECY is from a person known around the world as THE PROPHET as well as SOLLOG  and the amazing video was released in November of 2015  before the rash of suicide drivers started to reek havoc around the world in cities all named in the prophecy video.

It was thus far the final Prophecy from the GREAT SOLLOG as many of his fans around the world call him.

The date of the event is in the Prophecy

The location New York City is in the Prophecy

Suicide Driver is in the Prophecy

The Prophecy is titled TERRORISM PROPHECY.

This LINK is the exact spot in the two year old Prophecy video of THE GREAT SOLLOG where New York City and Suicide Driver is mentioned.

This is the exact spot in video where the date of Halloween was given which falls on 10/31 each year one of the few dates with 113 in it.

THE TERRORISM PROPHECY was the last Prophecy written by SOLLOG in November of 2015 almost two years ago, who has been amazing his fans around the world for over 20 years with exact details of future mass death events in his prophecies. The famous Prophecies of SOLLOG number around 60 or so prophecies and his fans swear they have predicted EVERY MASS DEATH EVENT ON EARTH FOR OVER 20 YEARS. His Prophecies have given locations of many acts of GOD as well from hurricanes, to earthquakes and even Tsunami’s.

The recent rash of ACTS OF GOD such as the Mexico City Quakes, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and even the Las Vegas Massacre have all been connected to the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG.

In 2016 SOLLOG started to release his famous Prophecies in Music Videos under the name Rex Luciferius where his prophecy songs featuring the booming deep bass voice of SOLLOG have had over 30 million plays on SoundCloud the top platform for music for the under 22 crowd. This far on SoundCloud SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius has racked up 3 #1 hits in 3 different genres and 25 top 10 hits in 5 genres of music.

Rex Luciferius aka SOLLOG has been called THE PROPHET as well as THE PROPHET of Rock and Country Blues since his prophecy music videos starting having major hits.

In 2017 SOLLOG issued a few new prophecies under the Hebrew and Arabic name Rabi Nabi which literally means THE GREAT PROPHET a person mentioned in many ancient religious texts as the great spiritual leader who would unite the worlds religions.

SOLLOG is one of the most investigated persons in the history of the Secret Service and FBI due to his Prophecies that even had the Secret Service arrest him twice the past 20 years.

The first case was shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing when SOLLOG wrote a Prophecy about Bill Clinton and a plane crash if Bill Clinton ever went back to Jackson Hole Wyoming. One year later Clinton went back to Jackson Hole ignoring the prophecy and the presidential support plane crashed killing everyone on board including a secret service agent.

Secret Service agents swore out a complaint in 1995 against SOLLOG who judges recognize in court as GOD which is one of the many legal names of SOLLOG who says everyone is the direct seed of GOD and who insists judges recognize his Divine right to use the name GOD in any court of MAN since SOLLOG only recognizes the religious court he created over 20 years for his religious movement called TOH or Temple Of ‘Hayah.

The judge in the case warned the DOJ lawyers he would charge the DOJ lawyers harassing SOLLOG with Civil Rights violations if they didn’t withdraw the case since the judge declared the Prophecies of SOLLOG were protected religious writings under Freedom of Religion and Free Speech and not threats.

Ten years later the Secret Service would arrest SOLLOG once again under another bogus charge alleging he was an escaped convict and that case was later withdrawn once SOLLOG was in custody where he served almost 4 years in solitary confinement on the main death row pod in Philadelphia where the most notorious death row inmates are confined. A few years back, the Judge in that case was burnt to death in an accidental fire in Philadelphia.

SOLLOG sued the US government in an international court over his false imprisonment that only ended as the 2nd Bush President was leaving office.

SOLLOG has a Mega multi trillion dollar judgement he won against the US Government in an international court over the false imprisonment and torture he endured in US prisons where his six cases in the US Supreme Court chronicled the years of torture he endured at the hands of George W. Bush and the US Government.

Here is the TERRORISM PROPHECY video by SOLLOG from November 2015 two years before the New York City Terrorism on Halloween struck.


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