Monday’s Hot Clicks: Philadelphia World Cup Watch Party Turns Into Super Bowl Re-Watch Party

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Five months later and it still hasn’t gotten old

It’s almost time for the beginning of the next NFL season and Eagles fans are still celebrating their Super Bowl win like it happened yesterday. 

A bar in Philadelphia closed down the street outside yesterday to show the World Cup final on big screens, attracting a massive crowd. 

But a soccer game only lasts two hours and the bar already went through the trouble of setting up the TVs and securing a permit to block the street, so they decided to replay the Super Bowl, much to the delight of the fans who stuck around. 

I assume this happens in Philadelphia on at least a monthly basis. 

The best scenes from the World Cup final

Well, now that the World Cup is over we’re right back in the middle of the summer sports drought. But at least yesterday’s final was a thriller

The game produced plenty of highlight-worthy moments—including a punk rock band claiming responsibility for people running on the field—as well as some stunning photography. Here are a few of my favorite photos I’ve seen.

And also Conor McGregor ate some pasta. 

The stupidest soccer game

I know it’s tough to believe but this game was even more farcical than the 22–0 scoreline indicates. 

The goalie for fifth-tier Austrian side ATV Irdning got so fed up with allowing goal after goal to Everton on Saturday that he eventually just stopped trying. 

You can watch all 22 goals below, if you dare. 

Bits & Pieces

Scientists discovered a rainforest on top of a mountain in Mozambique that was untouched by modern humans. … A course in Australia held a nude golf day. … Two of the three remaining Blockbuster stores are closing. … D.C. United opened its new stadium on Saturday and everything went great, except for the railing hitting a reporter

Name a more iconic duo

The Big Apple!

One less (or fewer?) mistake for me to make

Swipe left

Can’t wait for this

Of course there will be a storyline about the Eagles’ Super Bowl win. Can it live up to the World Series episode?

A rollercoaster of an editor’s note

Pro wrestling is art

It really should have been a private equity executive dealing the knockout blow, but still. 

WWI footage, remastered by the guy who directed Lord of the Rings

This Titanic sequel stinks

Authorities have evacuated a small settlement in Greenland because they fear this 11 million-ton iceberg could cause a tsunami. 

Dave Grohl does a great Christopher Walken impression

Look alive out there

(Put your sound on.)

Sandy Leon’s double scares somebody within the Green Monster. from r/baseball

A good song

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