Monday’s Hot Clicks: New Footage Shows Dejected Cavs Bench After J.R. Smith’s Blunder

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This is hard to watch

After seeing this video, it’s no surprise the Warriors started the overtime period of Game 1 on a 9–0 run. The whole Cavs team was just in stunned silence after J.R. Smith’s boneheaded mistake at the end of regulation.

Pay special attention to LeBron’s reaction at the 1:35 mark when he asks Tyronn Lue if they any timeouts remaining. You can see the weight of this entire season finally coming down on him. He has played more than 100 games this season and done everything in his power to bring a second championship to Cleveland. He was excruciatingly close to a signature moment in his storied career and a win that would have dramatically increased his team’s chances of pulling off one of the greatest upsets in NBA Finals history. But in that moment he must have realized, maybe my teammates are just too much to overcome. 

We’ll probably wrap this thing up by Friday

Game 2 was what we expected most of the games in this series to look like. The Cavs kept it just close enough for most of the game that you could talk yourself into thinking they had a chance to come back while never really believing it would happen. And then Warriors pulled away and cruised to an easy victory.

I mean, what can you expect Cleveland to do when Stephen Curry is making shots like this?

I thought NBA vet Jamal Crawford summed it up perfectly. 

The series now shifts to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday. The long layoff will give LeBron a chance to recharge, so he could have another monster performance in front of his home crowd, but I don’t see these next two games playing out too differently than the first two. Game 4 is Friday and I think Steph could make a tee time this weekend to celebrate. 

Well this is embarrassing

This isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for American automobiles. The start of the Detroit Grand Prix was delayed after the pace car, being driven by a General Motors executive, crashed into the wall. The airbags deployed but both passengers—GM Executive Vice President of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain Mark Reuss and IndyCar official Mark Sandy—were uninjured.

Bits & Pieces

I loved the hero’s welcome the Golden State crowd gave J.R. Smith before Game 2. … This kid’s golf trick shots are utterly unbelievable. … Draymond Green followed LeBron last night and wore a shorts suit to Game 2. A lot of people aren’t a fan of the look but Adam Rippon says it’s totally in right now. … Wyoming hosted America’s first legal bareknuckle boxing event over the weekend and it was as bloody as you’d expect.

Man, this really is getting repetitive

Joakim Noah’s offseason is a real trip

It’s been that kind of year


Tough crowd

Ron’s D.C. joke goes completely over Don Cherry’s head. from r/hockey

Wait for it…

Mind. Blown.

Cutting these hotdogs from r/gifs

A name as good as the play

Older siblings can be the worst

Does this look fun or terrifying?

A good song

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