Monday’s Hot Clicks: A’s Fan Catches Foul Balls on Consecutive Pitches

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What are the odds of this? 

This A’s fan has been going to games at the Coliseum all his life but until yesterday had never caught a foul ball. He just catch a foul ball, he caught two—and on consecutive pitches.

As the fan—Bill from Pittsburg—explained on the broadcast, he barely had time to put the first ball in his pocket before the second one was coming right at him. The video above shows the uncut broadcast video, which gives you a good idea of just how quickly it happened. The pitches were just over 20 seconds apart. 

I can’t ever recall seeing that happen. Just think of all the different variables that have to go right to catch just one ball. Now imagine how slim the chances are of everything lining up perfectly twice in a row. I hope Bill bought a lottery ticket on his way home. 

Ovechkin got all the headlines, but don’t forget about Vrana

My favorite part of the weekend was checking Twitter periodically to see what Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals were up to as they continued to celebrate their Stanley Cup win. Basically, the Caps have spent every waking moment since Thursday singing Queen’s “We Are the Champions” in a variety of settings.

Ovi—rightly!—got plenty of attention for making a scene during the Nationals game, swimming in a fountain and finally going to sleep with the Cup but I think the guy we really should have been paying attention to was Jakub Vrana. 

Vrana documented the entire party in impressive detail and was clearly having himself a great time.

He was also one of many Caps players to get Stanley Cup tattoos and was the subject of the best photo of the whole weekend.

Pulling up your short sleeves to show off a tattoo on your wrist? That’s the sign of a good party. 

Cardinals rookie pays it forward

As a late fourth-round running back, Chase Edmonds is no lock to get a massive NFL payday. (His contract can be worth as much as $3.36 million but only his $452,356 signing bonus is guaranteed. His salary this season is $450,000.) But Edmonds is using a solid chunk of that money to pay off the $80,000 his older sister owes in student loans.

Edmonds had a full scholarship at Fordham and was shocked to hear about his sister’s debt and how much she pays back every month, so as a sophomore he decided that if he made it to the NFL he’d pay off her loans.

Edmonds’s sister, Morgan, went to Arizona State for graduate school and was already living in the Phoenix area before Chase got drafted by the Cardinals, so the siblings and their mom are all going to live together in Morgan’s house. 

Bits & Pieces

A fair warning that the images in what I’m about to link to are extremely graphic but I’m absolutely floored that this guy survived taking a damn tree through his shoulder. … Worshippers at this Connecticut church aren’t happy that they can see Marilyn Monroe’s underwear. … Applebee’s is testing a system where you order ahead of time and find your food waiting on a plate when you arrive at the restaurant, which sounds like just an awful idea. … Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo, who broke up when he signed with the Dolphins, are apparently back together. … Adam Scott is using a local Shinnecock Hills caddie for the U.S. Open, which gives me hope that I can get on a bag if they ever hold the U.S. Open at the Patterson Club in Connecticut. … An Air Force officer who disappeared 35 years ago was found alive in California

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In honor of the Caps and Warriors.

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