Memorial Day Hot Clicks: LeBron’s Best Highlights From Game 7 vs. Celtics

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LeBron was unstoppable

If you don’t think LeBron James is the best player ever, I don’t know what to tell you.

After playing 82 games in the regular season and leading the league in minutes per game, he played all 48 minutes in a signature win over the Celtics on Sunday night to advance to his eighth straight NBA Finals. It wasn’t a pretty game for either team, but it never was going to be if LeBron was going to pull it off. His teammates are practically worthless, so LeBron did it all himself. Seriously, he did everything. 

He had this crazy block on Terry Rozier.

On a key fourth-quarter possession, he got mugged, had his shot goaltended and still made the basket (plus the ensuing foul shot).

He also showed that he continues to be the best passer in the NBA.

LeBron wasn’t perfect on the night, though, as he was on the receiving end of this monster Jayson Tatum dunk.

But other than that, LeBron was spectacular, as this full highlight video shows.

Brad Stevens admitted after the game that the Celtics couldn’t even hope to contain him

More sports tonight!

The long weekend ends with even more great sports action. The Rockets and Warriors meet in Houston for the right to face LeBron in the Finals. I’m willing to bet that one has more scoring than the Cavs-Celtics game. 

The Stanley Cup Final also starts tonight in Las Vegas. The narrative will be amazing whether it’s the expansion Golden Knights winning or all-time great Alexander Ovechkin finally lifting the Cup. (If you’d rather talk about the narrative of the jerseys, this is a fun read.)

No one knows what this animal is

Experts are struggling to identify this animal shot and killed recently by a rancher in Montana. It’s not quite a wolf, not quite a dog. It’s probably just a dog-wolf hybrid, because these mystery animals are never quite that mysterious, but I wanted to mention it here because I love this Facebook comment relayed by the Great Falls Tribune.

“That could very well be what’s being called Dogman,” the person wrote. “They’re spotted each day and the government quells any and all reports. Several people report being strong armed into keeping quiet about their reports by men wearing black suits. These are just facts. Look into if if you don’t believe it.”

Indeed. Look into it. 

Bits & Pieces

LeBron is going to need some serious rest after this season, so it’s a good thing he’s making over his $23 million Los Angeles mansion. … Coca Cola is making alcoholic sodas in Japan. … Get a load of this giant prehistoric-looking fish caught in Mississippi

Keanu is a real one

Look what one year playing for the Knicks does to you

Get all the way out of here with this, Kobe

No one is debating where you stand in the GOAT debate. Everybody agrees you’re way, way behind Jordan and LeBron. 

Where Snoop from The Wire grew up


French president Emmanuel Macron will make the man in the video, an immigrant from Mali named Mamodou Gassama, a French citizen due to his heroism.

Wiffle ball is the greatest

Reminds me of the summer I spent almost every day playing wiffle ball. 

What a grab!

A good song

Have a good Memorial Day. This song always reminds me of summer. 

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