Mailbag Show: Which Rookie QBs Should Start Immediately? Is That Broncos D No Good?

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We get stacks and stacks of letters, and we’re diving back into the mailbag this week. It turns out folks have a lot of questions about quarterbacks:

3:52— Hey Andy, you keep saying Aaron Rodgers is the last QB to sit and then win the starting job for his team, but Patrick Mahomes sat out a year and then became a starter too!

9:49— Should those four QBs taken top 10 in the draft start taking reps with the first team immediately?

18:14— Out of all the QBs to come through Cleveland since 1999, was there one that you thought was going to work out?

23:20— Are we nearing a point where the supply of quality QBs will outweigh the demand?

29:30— Hey, you said in the past that the Broncos D is still great, but is it really?

33:05— What’s going to be some of the differences between Mike Pettine’s D and Dom Capers’ in Green Bay?

37:10— Is the Patriots’ strategy now stockpiling high picks every year just in case they see a Brady heir worth taking?

40:26— Andy, again, incorrectly argues that “Here Comes the Hotstepper” is a better song than “Land of 1,000 Dances.”

42:27— In regards to free agency, should the NFL adapt something like the NBA’s “Bird Rule,” which would allow teams to keep more of their own free agents?

45:32— A listener sends a really good idea for replacing the rookie wage scale (the rookie wage scale being objectively stupid).

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