Kobe Bryant on LeBron’s Free Agency: “You Got to Figure Out a Way to Win”

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Kobe maintains that titles mean everything.

Kobe Bryant knows a thing or two (or five) about winning championships.

When asked about LeBron James’s free agency decision, Bryant told Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck that he noticed the star’s exhaustion in his efforts.

“I would say he’s working too much,” Bryant said prior to Game 3. “He should be doing less, actually.”

Bryant maintained that legacies are built on titles and titles alone.

“All I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships,” Bryant said. “That’s all I cared about. That’s how I valued Michael. That’s how I valued [Larry] Bird. That’s how I valued Magic [Johnson]. It was just winning championships. Now, everybody’s going to value things differently, which is fine. I’m just telling you how I value mine.”

“If I’m Bron, you got to figure out a way to win. It’s not about narrative. You want to win championships, you just gotta figure it out.”

Bryant won five championships in his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he never left the team, Bryant did request a trade from the Lakers in 2006 in order to find a better situation to win a title.

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