Joel Embiid, Enes Kanter and the Rest of the NBA Are Already Recruiting LeBron James

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Well that started quickly.

It seems like a lot of NBA players really want LeBron James to play on their team.

Sure, going to eight straight NBA Finals with two different teams will probably have that effect for just about anybody in the league, but will the whole league be this eager to bring him in?

Yes, James is already arguably the best player in NBA history and just put together one of the most amazing postseasons in NBA history despite getting swept by the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. At the same time though, considering the interactions he’s had with some of these players during what could potentially be his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s a bit funny to think how quickly guys jumped to asking James to join their teams.

Like, Joel Embiid, who implied at the start of the playoffs that his Philadelphia 76ers were going to beat the Cavaliers en route to a title.

Or Enes Kanter, who traded shots with James through the media after James made comments about how the New York Knicks should have drafted Dennis Smith Jr. over Frank Ntilikina.

Dejounte Murray of the San Antonio Spurs doesn’t really have his own interactions with James to make his recruitment a bit ironic, but his team is 2-1 against James in the Finals during his career, although all of those wins also came with Tim Duncan on the roster.

And because it’s LeBron James, even some football players seem to be trying to convince him of what his next move should be.

That’s Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz of the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, because even they could use King James to help go back-to-back next season.

Or, they just want to be some additional voices telling James he should come to the 76ers.

And Derek Carr wants James and Paul George with the Lakers.

But Lakers guard Josh Hart is playing things a bit differently.

NBA free agency starts July 1 but the LeBron rumors started the second the Warriors completed the sweep to win the NBA Finals.

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