Jamie Vardy Explains Why He Quit Controversial Chewing Tobacco But Reveals Drink He Won’t Give Up

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Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has revealed he has stopped using snus – the chewing tobacco – following the negative press surrounding its use over the past few seasons. However, the England front man insists his Red Bull energy drinks are to remain a part of his diet at this summer’s World Cup. 

Snus, the smokeless tobacco product, has reportedly risen in prominence amongst professional footballers in recent years with Vardy one of the sport’s most high-profile users.

Despite having no proof pertaining to its ability to enhance sporting performance, it is contentious due to the health risks linked with tobacco. 

The 31-year-old was pictured holding a tine of snus while on international duty with England during the 2016 European Championships, and whilst the product is not banned Vardy has kicked the habit to the curb this summer to ensure the focus remains solely on England’s on field actions. 

“I had to kick it because it was made a big deal,’ said Vardy, via the Daily Mail. “So I don’t think I’ll be getting pictured with them again.

“I don’t know why [it caused a fuss]. There’s nothing wrong with them.

“I decided myself. I thought I don’t need the hassle and we’re here to concentrate on England. Even if you don’t look at the papers, someone’s going to mention it, so what’s the point? Concentrate on football.”

Red Bull, however, remains a key component of Vardy’s diet as he revealed Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate has failed to bat an eyelid at his breakfast routine. 

“The manager is fine. He sees me at breakfast every morning so the Red Bulls are still there. But I can’t have the no-sugar version, it doesn’t taste the same,” he added. 

The Leicester City forward is expected to play against Costa Rica on Thursday in England’s final warm up game ahead of their opening encounter in Russia against Tunisia. 

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