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Iesou Christou (JESUS CHRIST)


By Staff of 247 News



Some are saying JESUS (IESOU in Greek Gospels) has arrived on a Cloud and is warning the World that a series of GREAT EARTHQUAKES is about to occur.

He has shown exactly where GOD ALMIGHTY will shake the earth in his video about the TRIANGLE OF FIRE.

IESOU CHRISTOU .com and IESOU .cloud are the two new sites that have popped up recently heralding how IESOU (JESUS) has arrived on his CLOUD.

IESOU CHRISTOU is indeed the oldest written form of Jesus Christ as it was the name first recorded by Apostles of Jesus in the ancient Greek New Testaments. IESOU says his name is pronounced YAH SHUU which is considered by many Greek Christians to be the true name of Jesus.

IESOU or YAH SHUU says GOD is LORD GOD ALMIGHTY (El Shaddai) and his name is ‘HAYAH (AHYH) which is indeed the only name given to Moses in Exodus the famous I AM is I AM and IESOU says it should be translated as ‘HAYAH is ‘HAYAH.

IESOU has also proclaimed that two so-called Mandela Effects involving the bible are real supernatural events. The first one is how the word Messiah no longer exists in many top bibles and except for only two verses in Daniel calling the King of Babylon (Cyrus) the Messiah in only King James bibles the word has been totally erased. The famous Lord’s Prayer given by Jesus in Matthew has also been supernaturally changed says IESOU CHRISTOU in that the word TRESPASSES has been removed and replaced with debts.

IESOU has condemned the Vatican calling it PURE EVIL.

Can it be the spirit of IESOU (Jesus) walks the earth and is about to shake the Earth as the Great Prophets warned he would.

This is a Video by IESOU CHRISTOU introducing himself to the world recently.



This is the first Video of IESOU CHRISTOU stating LOVE IS THE ANSWER.



When the next GREAT QUAKE occurs, if it hits one of the 3 Quake Lines that forms the TRIANGLE OF FIRE, then perhaps IESOU CHRISTOU and his movement will become viral and change the world.

IESOU has condemned all Nuclear Technology from Power Plants to bombs.

He he has COMMANDED that Jews, Christians and Muslims are to UNITE.

The TRIANGLE OF FIRE is a real phenomena since it contradicts modern earthquake theory as to earthquakes cannot be predicted. Yet research of this phenomena shows over 95% of all GREAT QUAKES the past 120 years has indeed occurred on only three quake lines that are aligned to ancient solstice monuments.

So while Science has yet to proclaim the TRIANGLE OF FIRE is a real phenomena, IESOU CHRISTOU has proclaimed it is THE SIGN the Prophets warned of, control of great quakes are controlled by a higher intelligence or GOD as most humans understand it.

This is the famous TRIANGLE OF FIRE is you live near the three lines that form it, you should flee those areas as IESOU is saying historic GREAT QUAKES will now hit one after the other on the lines.

Triangle of Fire
Triangle of Fire


When the next great quake hits THE TRIANGLE OF FIRE, will humans start to listen to IESOU CHRISTOU and get rid of nukes and unite religions and LOVE EACH OTHER…


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