Friday’s Hot Clicks: The Celtics Might Have Another Flat-Earther on Their Team

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The Celtics have a type

The Celtics took Texas A&M big man Robert Williams with their first-round pick last night, a move that adds some much needed size to the Boston roster. Williams is also a good pick because it seems like he and Kyrie Irving already have something to talk about.

Now, Williams appears to be one of those guys who uses Twitter to drop half-formed thoughts a few words at a time. He certainly hasn’t wasted as much breath on this asinine topic as Kyrie has, but I’m sure he’ll at least be willing to listen to Irving explain why the Illuminati-controlled government wants to trick us into believing the world is round. 

Woj was the best part of the draft last night

Asking Adrian Wojnarowski not to tip draft picks is like asking him not to breathe. The news that he promised not to spoil the draft was so shocking that we should have realized he had found a gaping loophole. 

Rather than state for certain what clubs were doing, Woj winked very obviously. (Our Khadrice Rollins ranked the best turns of phrase here.)

The clever trick especially entertained Woj’s fellow ESPNers. 

Iggy is tryna holler at Luka Doncic’s mom

Slovenian superstar Luka Doncic went to the Mavs with the No. 3 pick. He’s supposed to be the NBA’s next great European star—a tall, long point guard with the ability to pass as well as score. Don’t ask NBA veteran Andre Iguodala for a scouting report, though. He was a little distracted. Here’s what Iggy tweeted right after Doncic was picked and hugged his mom.

I know you’re all frantically googling what she looks like, so I’ll save you the trouble. 

Bits & Pieces

This guy rides around the streets of a Connecticut city on his bike in a mask yelling at people for their bad driving. … The Icelandic government is shutting down the post office so everyone can watch the World Cup game this afternoon. … Meanwhile, Japanese officials gave a televised apology after finding that a civil servant left three minutes early for lunch. … A season ticket to UNLV football also gets you unlimited concessions. … Australian fans drank literally all the alcohol in several Russian bars before their first World Cup game. 

Did you talk to the guy about the thing?

A perfect troll by Buffalo

Even better than Embiid.

When your hair doesn’t cooperate with the dress code

Ichiro is about as subtle as Woj

Just freakish athleticism

Winter swimming in Antarctica

This is what it means to represent your country

Look how Swedish striker Marcus Berg’s son reacted to seeing his dad take the field.

Piers Morgan is such a blowhard

A good song

I’m out of town all next week. We’ll have very capable substitutes filling in.

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