Friday’s Hot Clicks: Patrick Mahomes Messing Around at Top Golf Shows His Insane Athleticism

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Is there anything he can’t do?

There’s no question that Patrick Mahomes is the most purely athletic quarterback in the NFL. Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson might be faster, but no one has the natural physical tools that Mahomes does. He made so many ridiculous improvisational throws this season, escaping pressure and throwing from different arm angles. He was also an MLB draft pick out of high school. So it should come as no surprise that he can just goof around at a driving range and hit shots better than most people could dream of while not even really trying. 

He’s just messing around, hitting golf balls like they’re baseballs, and yet he never whiffs or even comes close to making anything but solid contact. 

Golf skills apparently run in the family, handed down from his dad, former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes. 

“My favorite hobby especially this offseason was probably golf,” Mahomes said in a radio interview before the start of the season. “I really tried to get into golf. My dad played so it’s something else I compete against him in. He is definitely better, but I did beat him when he came to Kansas City one time. That was my only time I’ve ever beat him, though.”

I know a lot of Patriots fans will email me, so I’ll just make the joke myself: He has plenty of time to play golf now. 

NFL players hit like a ton of bricks

Jets safety Jamal Adams thought it would be a funny joke to tackle Pat the Patriot at the Pro Bowl. It ended up putting the guy inside the suit in the hospital.

“I didn’t hit him that hard, man,” Adams told ESPN. “All jokes aside, I didn’t hit him that hard.”

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A good song

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