Dutch Commentator Leaks FIFA 19 Will Boast Rights to Champions League & Europa League

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FIFA 19 will have the official rights to the Champions League and Europa League, according to a leak from an unlikely source. 

For a decade, players of the video game have had to do without the spine-tingling anthem of the Champions League or the rather fetching red and gold design of Europe’s second competition as they scaled the ‘Champions Cup’ and ‘Euro League’.

However, that may be the case no longer, as while speaking to Dutch TV, as quoted by ResetEraFox Sports commentator Evert ten Napel opened up about his voice work on the latest edition and revealed what appears to be a rather large secret. 

“For about six or seven days a year, I record updated lines [for the game] in the studio in Utrecht with Youri Mulder [another commentator],” he said. 

“In 2019 as well, the game will get even better, because they’ve added the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. 

“I’m almost finished with the 2019 version, which will then go to the test centre. [In the test centre] some very good players will check everything, and after that, it will go to the stores in October. 

“And then all those weirdos will be standing in line again at midnight.”

The news comes just a month after Konami; the makers of Pro Evolution Soccer – whose USP was holding the licences to both the Champions League and Europa League – announced their 10-year long deal with UEFA would come to an end following the clash between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Kiev on May 25. 

EA Sports will undoubtedly be left furious with the leak, with their big reveal of FIFA 19 set for the E3 event in June. 

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