David Wagner Insists He Doesn’t Feel Urge to Leave With ‘Interesting Work’ to Do at Huddersfield

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When David Wagner joined Huddersfield Town in November 2015, little did he know that almost three years later he would be leading them to their second consecutive Premier League season.

In a lengthy interview with Joe, he revealed that he still has work to do with the Terriers beyond their performance on the pitch, saying: “I know that I have a lot of responsibility and I try to use it to make the right decisions for now and for the future. I’m very fortunate to have strong partners in all departments at this club to pull this together.

“I am much more involved in a lot of things that go on behind the scenes here.

“We are now able to build a proper Premier League facility. It takes around 18 to 24 months, but there is so much information and discussions on what should be the first thing to work on, how we prioritise so no two days in this job are alike.

Wagner is well aware that he is one of the lucky few to be afforded the job security he has found at John Smith’s Stadium, admitting: “Football is a very short-term business usually for managers.

“A year can be considered being long in the job these days. I’m really privileged to be here for nearly three years now to help influence the direction of the club, to share ideas and to help Huddersfield develop.

“It’s nice for me and it makes me very happy to see people who have worked for this team for over ten years, who have seen it in League Two, that they have these moments in the Premier League. It lifts me to see them feel the atmosphere in the stadium, to see how much joy they have along with supporters that this club is progressing.

“I do absolutely know the jumps we’ve made from where we were to where we are. Saying I’m proud wouldn’t be the right word, I’m just really pleased for everyone this has a positive impact on.”

The German-American manager’s unique style led the team to their first Premier League promotion last year, and after his success his name has been linked to several clubs with Premier League pedigree. Wagner however seems to have found his place, adding: “I’ve signed a new contract, and I had signed one as well the year before.

“A lot of people who I respect in this business gave me the same advice: find the right moment to leave. In the past, when I joined Dortmund II and when I came here, I just had this feeling that it was the correct choice. I do not have that same vibe now urging me to leave, we still have some interesting work to do.”

The Terriers have two remaining pre-season friendlies to look forward to against Bologna and RB Leipzig, before meeting Chelsea for the season’s kick-off on 11 August.

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