‘Creativity Unites the World’: Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre Goes Up in Lights Ahead of Russian World Cup

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It’s 10pm in Moscow (CET) on the night of June 13. Not only Russia, but the entire world eagerly waits in anticipation for the arrival of the world’s biggest sporting event that only comes around once every four years. It’s very much a case of the calm before the storm other than the pockets of fans from allover the world drunkenly celebrating in excitement for the next month.

That is, until attention is temporarily turned onto the city’s Bolshoi theatre.

As part of a new ‘Creativity is the Answer’ campaign run by adidas, a film made by the company saw itself projected onto the Moscow building – promoting the idea that one’s creative brilliance can take you from the streets to stardom.

Featuring the adidas Telstar 18, accompanied by members of Russia’s national team alongside more adidas ambassadors featuring in the World Cup, the Bolshoi theatre was lit up temporarily to promote this idea of creativity.

It was there to celebrate the World Cup in all its glory, and help the citizens of Moscow support their team throughout the tournament.

Pretty amazing, right? The buck doesn’t stop there. Throughout the competition, adidas will continue to promote this transformation from the streets to stardom, so expect more pop ups like this to appear.

“The World Cup brings together creators from all over the world with one singular goal, to win the biggest tournament in football,” began the Vice President of brand communications at adidas, Florian Alt. 

“This power of creativity to bring together groups is what we wanted to celebrate by projecting these modern, exciting graphic designs on to the historic Moscow Bolshoi. What may seem to be a clash between the modern and the traditional, could not be better connected.

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