Christine Blasey Ford WILD Yearbook Photos and Articles

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Christine Blasey before she became married?
Christine Blasey before she became married?

Christine Blasey Ford WILD Yearbook Photos and Articles

By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

Both Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford were privileged kids growing up in the Money Belt of Maryland where mostly WHITE RICH KIDS go to expensive Prep Schools and in their era both schools were typical schools where kids drank tons of booze and experimented in their initial sexual experiences.

While Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did her best to portray herself as a soft spoken victim who appeared to be heavily medicated on a drug such as Zanax or Prosac to deal with her ‘stress’ her disheveled hair and scatter brain remarks shows she is a twit and despite being a professor in College now she was part of a party girl prep school upbringing as her yearbook documents.

The left has done their best to scrub the net of images that show Christine Blasey Ford and her classmates were what you can only describe as PARTY GIRLS where their yearbook discusses how they love to drink until they pass out and target younger boys to introduce them to their first sexual experiences. We used to call such pigs in my day CHERRY POPPERS, the sluts that went looking for freshmen High School cherries to pop.

While Judge Brett Kavanaugh would love to portray himself as a virginal altar boy, the fact is his own yearbook is filled with tales of bacchanal drinking events and passing out as well.

So now it’s the zoned out psychology professor versus the teen drunk nominated to sit on the highest court in the US of A(ssholes).

The featured image in this story came to me via social media and is alleged to be Christine Blasey in her school years, probably in College. The rest of the images are what are now floating around the net and alleged to be from her yearbook.

Sites with the yearbook photos of Christine Blasey Ford have been scrubbed and some great investigative sites have had their articles TAKEN BY by the left.

Rich kids have been getting drunk at house parties for DECADES and it is almost the rite of passage of pre-adults even today. You know if you agree to go upstairs with the opposite sex it’s for a MAKE OUT SESSION and often it results in either a girl or boy losing their virginity.

Is it date rape?

is it sexual abuse?

it’s rich kids under pressure to get good grades go to Ivy colleges and then start their life as adults where their Ivy diploma’s enable them to raise another brat pack of privileged rich mostly white kids.

Even the Amish give their kids a year of decadent behavior living in the real world before they allow them to come back to the fold and lead a ‘pure life’.

Kids are kids and the fact the left has chosen to demonize Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his actions as pre-adult when he was doing what kids of his ilk have done for generations is a joke.

Judge Kavanaugh is not a sexual predator nor rapist nor a person who should be portrayed now as a sexual abuser.

It’s possible that Dr. Ford was indeed troubled by her WILD YEARS and as a shrink she went back in her mind to one of her first sexual encounters.

Who was a famous male the past 25 years or so from a boys school in her area to put a face on the person she believes to have groped her as a young drunk little pig? It was Judge Kavanaugh who was a high profile male from her area of teen debauchery whom she was able to put a face and name to her first sexual encounter.

While to an adult shrink the event became more important to her as she struggled with her crap life the past 20 or so years, but her testimony is nothing but the Democrats playing dirty politics.

Is Judge Kavanaugh innocent of the charges? Who fucking cares.

It’s all Much ado about NOTHING as the Bard said.



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