Christine Blasey Ford Polygraph FAKE

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Christine Blasey Ford Polygraph FAKE

By Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni

Retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Nation of One

Any Judge would LAUGH at the FAKE POLYGRAPH presented to the US Senate by the crooked lawyers for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the results are 100% FAKE.

The polygraph results presented to the US Senate is below, it states only two questions where asked about IF the handwritten statement was truthful.

READ THE HAND WRITTEN STATEMENT using all capital letters scribbled by Dr. Ford, there is not one reference to Brett Kavanaugh.

So, while the event might be real in the sick deluded mind of Dr. Ford whose yearbooks were excluded as evidence in which she was exposed as a party girl who crashed her car all the time due to being DRUNK or HIGH and the same yearbooks describe lots of unsupervised parties the party girls from her elite all girl prep school went to from 1982 to 1985 or so.

The parties were celebrated by the classmates of Dr. Ford in the Scribe the Yearbook for her elite all girls prep school for being events where they usually ended up so drunk they had black outs.

The parties also included male strippers.

247 News Article on the Yearbooks of Dr. Ford now being scrubbed from the Net.

Just read the childish hand writing of this ‘Academic’ who says merely that sometime in the 80’s two boys pushed her into a bedroom and groped her.

That is her statement that she passed a polygraph on, it has not one mention of Brett Kavanaugh. It lacks all the details she gave to the Senate as well.

Since Judge Kavanaugh was a major media presence in the later 1990’s and early 2000’s due to his high profile positions in the Bush and Clinton administrations, under Clinton he was part of the Star Report that recommended Clinton be impeached which he was by the House. Later he was the top legal counsel to George W. Bush who supervised the recount in Florida.

So maybe something did happen to Dr. Ford the WILD PARTY GIRL and when Kavanaugh got press years later she obviously fixated on him as her attacker IF the therapist notes verify she named him. So far the therapist notes have been not given to the Senate.

So look at this bullshit polygraph SENATORS, not one mention of Brett Kavanaugh in her hand written statement. So the short note with NO NAMES is in her sick mind truthful but it sure does not mention Brett Kavanaugh.

This whole thing is a SCAM.

Just look at the childish hand written statement she wrote and read the damn polygraph examiners statement he only asked if that crap statement with NO NAMES was truthful.

It’s an OBVIOUS attempt to deceive the Senate.

By not mentioning directly Brett Kavanaugh the alleged victim of a teen age groping appears to pass the exam yet the exam was intentionally DECEITFUL to mislead the US Senate.


Christine Blasey Ford hand written statement
Christine Blasey Ford hand written statement


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