7 of the Coolest Stars to Keep An Eye On During the World Cup

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Any player at the upcoming World Cup has the potential to catch our eye, it is the biggest stage on the planet after all. However, we all have our preconceived favourites that we plan to keep our eye on even before the tournament kicks off. 

In fairness, how can you not keep your eye on some of them? Whether it’s Paul Pogba turning up to games with whatever flamboyant hairstyle he chooses, or James Rodriguez carrying Colombia in suave fashion, there are a few fashionable footballers to look out for in Russia this summer. 

With that in mind, here are seven of the coolest stars to keep an eye out for during the World Cup…

 Olivier Giroud

Does anything even need to be written? Just look at him. The France forwards oozes class and coolness both on and off the pitch. 

With Les Bleus as one of the favourites for the tournament, be sure to keep an eye on his efficient partnership with Antoine Griezmann at the top of the pitch.

James Rodriguez 

Arguably the coolest player going to Russia this summer. James Rodriguez is Colombia’s talisman and almost carries his country at times. 

His combative but classy style of play, coupled with his nation’s stylish kits, make him an eye catching figure at this summer’s tournament. Well, that and his devilishly sharp looks. 


The bearded Spaniard is definitely one of the coolest players in world football. His exquisite dribbling skills, artsy passing and long range shooting would make him an eye catching individual anyway, but he does all of them in such a way that oozes confidence. 

Plus, his slicked back locks and that aforementioned beard make him so, so much cooler.

 Jerome Boateng

Stud in his ear, medal round his neck and a big glass of beer in his hand; it is hard not to view Jerome Boateng as a cool guy purely from the above image. 

Additionally, the Bayern Munich and Germany defender has been photographed alongside Drake and other huge stars. His style on and off the pitch is particularly eye catching; enough chat, just take a look at his Instagram to see what I’m on about… 

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is fast becoming one of the best players in world football at just 19 years of age, and with that, he is becoming cooler and cooler. 

The teenager is involved in all the latest trends, most notably Nike’s recent drop of the ‘R9’ boot re-imagined, whereas his composed and collected nature on the pitch make him one chilled out individual. 

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus’ story alone in the last four years is one cool enough to get him on this list alone. Images of the Brazil and Manchester City forward painting the streets of his hometown around the time of the last World Cup did the rounds upon his rise to the top, with the above image being a mural painted this time round in similar colours to honour Jesus’ progress. 

If the fact that the boy from Jardim Peri has a huge painting of himself right inside his hometown upon him starting for his country at the World Cup isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. 

Paul Pogba

Although the majority of what makes Paul Pogba cool gets thrown back in his face by several media outlets, the France international continues to ride it out. 

The former Juventus man’s eye catching dance moves, eccentric haircuts and stylish outfits make him many peoples’ pick as one of the world’s coolest footballers; he even bops around the pitch with a distinct sense of swagger. 

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